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I discovered Yoga about fourteen years ago, but I didn't really understand what Yoga was, or how it was to change my life.

I was in a "keep fit wilderness" I tired all the usual keep fit activities: running, weights, and of course all those strange machines but nothing really worked for me, I knew there must be something else out there.

One day in "Fitness First" in Sheffield, UK, I found my self looking into a room full of people doing some strange exercises, I watched these people fascinated doing these strange and wonderful poses and I knew this is what I had been looking for all this time. After the class I asked the instructor what they were all doing, the teacher told me that they had been practising Yoga. I asked when the next class was and the rest as they say is history.

It became clear to me, soon after I began practicing Yoga, that I wanted to become a teacher. In 2007, in Bangkok, I attended and passed "Planet Yoga's" first KrYoga Teachers Training Course under the direction of world famous Indian yoga masters, Master Kamal, Dr Adrish and Aisah Aziz.

Since moving from Bangkok to Chiangmai I taught for a short time at California Wow and taught for 2 years at Seewalee "Land and House" to gain experience. Later I was given the opportunity to teach at "Yogasala" in partnership with William Holtby. During my time with William I have attended workshops with Paddy McGrath, Danny Paradise and Edward Clark. Unfortunately William is leaving Chiangmai to pursue his career in Phuket and abroad. I wish William, Tippy and Gracie well for the future and I thank William for all he has done for me, I will miss them.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Yoga teacher is to see the real difference Yoga makes to peoples lives, not just being able to do difficult poses but in their more positive attitude and outlook towards themselves and others. To me this is what being a Yoga teacher is all about.

Thank you for visiting my web home.

Om Shanti,

Weena Burnett.